2000AD Rogue Trooper

Published on by monkeyman7x/Apa

Hi everyone!!


 i know...3 months...naughty me!!


Sorry for my lack of updates everyone but a diploma in architecture with commision work has kept me insanely busy!! And now, i can show you what i have been up to  :)


So here is my most recently finished model:


Rogue Trooper 



CMON Links:




In the next few days i'll post some of the wip pictures and some other paintjobs i've done! The knight models joker piece is back on my painting desk so you'll see some more finished goodies very very soon!!


for now,,here is the recipe for painting blue skin:

Base: VMA Intermediate Blue

Shadow 1: VMA Dark Sea Blue

Shadow 2: previous + VMA Tank Brown + Black

Highlight 1: VMA intermediate blue + VMC Basic Skintone

Highlight 2: Previous + VMC Light Flesh

Glaze 1: VMC Blue green

Glaze 2: VMA French Blue

Highlight 3: White


happy painting everyone!!!




p.s. something new might be coming for the site quite soon! 


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