Some men just want to watch the world burn...2

Published on by monkeyman7x/Apa

my brushes are fixed firmly on the joker again!


since the last update of this piece i changed the purple of the coat and the trousers quite a lot in favour of a slightly more blue tone, i then got bored of the vast amount of purple and started putting some pure blue into various parts of the miniature to add some interest. I find this is someting you can do at the mid-tone stage or at the end with glazes. When i'm trying to vary the colour a lot and over large areas i think its best to do this in the midtones but if i want to do small bits then i do it with glazes towards the end of the model. The pinstripe has been added to the trouses and the highlights are beginning.


WIP 0045-copy-1


WIP 0044


WIP 0043-copy-1


Happy painting!!



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