Some men just want to watch the world burn...

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So ive not had much time to rest since gamesday spain. The commisions have been piling up and i've been quietly working away on my entry for gamesday germany (which is going to be quite special).


For now i'd like to share the progress of...the joker. I used this piece to demo how to wet blend at Figureworld. So for anyone that was there, you'll be able to see the finished thing shortly! 


The face:
The face of the model is the scariest thing by far to try and paint but actually not as hard as i initially thought. The key is to be able to paint different shadow colours in different places. When a person has face paint on, the places that wrinkle a lot tend to be places where the face paint starts to come away. If you check out pictures of the joker online, you'll see that the wrinkles in his forehead have a fleshy colour. As with when you paint white normally you can use grey to shade areas such as the cheeks.

Base - VMC Ivory


                      Cheeks                                 Forehead 
Shadow 1 - foretress grey          &         VMC sunny skintone

Shadow 2 - codex grey               &         VMC English Uniform

Shadow 3 - VMC Dark sea blue + VMA Tank brown


Highlight 1 - VMC Ivory

Highlight 2 - GW Skull white


the red was done with GW blood red + VMA tank brown


WIP 0060


Happy painting guys and gals!


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michael ceates 07/15/2012 20:58

I love knights models and look forward to the finished item.

monkeyman7x/Apa 08/16/2012 12:54

I also love knight models stuff but sadly this is on hold for a little while. I have a few other personal projects to show soon but right now i have a lot of commisions to paint that i cant share
publicly yet. Thanks for commenting :)