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so, metals, possibly one of the harder things in this hobby to get right and something ive always struggled with. However, there are some great articles out there on metallics and non-metallics but i'd like to highlight what i would consider to be the best metallic tutorial there is and it's by Automaton (Sebastien Archer sp?)


here is a link for anyone that's interested:


Now i'm a huge fan of this guys work and have seen a few pieces "in the flesh" and trust me when i say he really is a painting master. So i followed his tutorial on how to paint metals but with my own recipe.


anyway,,,,pictures would be a good start before describing the method.




Basecoat : GW Boltgun metal

shade1: GW Vomit Brown

shade 2: GW Bestial Brown

shade 3: VMC Cavalry Brown + Black

shade 4: VMC Royal purple + Black

wash 1: Boltgun metal (all over to bring back a metal texture)

highlight 1: Chainmail

wash 2: GW Leviathan purple (towards the shadows)

wash 3: GW Sunburst yellow (towards the highlights)

highlight 2: Mithril silver


i hope thats helpful to someone :)


Happy painting

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