Let the orange flow!

Published on by monkeyman7x/Apa

so,,,the model has come along quite a bit since my last post but there is still a scarey amount to do. ive found it extremely hard in certain areas to find a good balance between picking out details whilst maintaining the overall shapes of the mini. hopefully the skin will be finished by tomorrow night leaving me this week and next weekend to finish off the details.


For those interested, the colours for the skin are: (well this is whats on my desk lol)

basic skintone

cavalry brown

royal purple

orange brown

sunny skintone

english uniform

usa uniform



camo green

rotting flesh


chaos black

kommando khaki


leviathan purple

devaln mud


As for the stage the model is at, the shadows are close to finished and the midtones have been re-applied in most places so next stage is highlights.


WIP 0034


 WIP 0033

WIP 0030

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