Lady in Red

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Hello again!


 First of all, i'm happy to say that i am now accepting commisions!! If you are interested please contact me at monkeyman7x(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk.


Now on to my first commision piece. I'm currently working on Elektra from knight models and i must say, she is a beautiful model to paint. This is a real pleasure to paint and i look forward to painting some more knight model pieces!


For anyone interested here is a list of colours


base - VMC Cork brown

shadow 1 - VMC English uniform

shadow 2 - VMC Dark sea blue + VMA tank brown

highlight 1 - VMC Sunny skintone + VMC Basic skintone

highlight 2 - VMC Sunny skintone + GW Skull white



base - VMC Flat red

shadow 1 - VMC Black red

shadow 2 - VMC Black red + VMC Dark sea blue + GW Chaos Black

highlight 1 - VMC Flat red + GW Vomit brown

highlight 2 - VMC Old rose + GW Sw.grey


WIP 0128-copy-1


WIP 0129-copy-1



Happy painting all!

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