Kraken Ogre,,Over

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So i finished up the kraken mini today and have to say its been an awesome model to paint. The clean up (which i was very very lazy with) didnt take long at all once i finally did it and the mini basically painted itself. I tried a few new things with this model, the first was to stick to a pretty strict colourscheme of red and green, every part of this model is a shade of one of those two colours. The second thing was to try to create a strong zenithal lighting effect which honestly, could have been stronger. The skin was very new for me but also the most fun.


i hope you all like this mini and here are some CMON links if you'd like to vote :)


krak ogre final 1


otherwist, happy painting guys and gals.




p.s. Carnifex in the works, pictures up soon ;)

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