Infinity fever!

Published on by meh

so i was easily persuaded into starting an infinity army! and here is the first one :) i painted it in about 4 hours in total (so pretty quick for me) and am pretty pleased with the results.


Drone bot 1


the armour is airbrushed in VMC bluegreen and then shadded with GW regal blue and Chaos black. then i painted the edges in a brown/grey colour and do metals with adeptus battlegrey, codex grey, fortress grey and white. I do a few black washes here and there and presto,,,,,,,one finished dronbot :)


its fun to just do something quick, i really needed a break from painting my Golden demon regiment entry (which is still gonna be kept secret for a while longer :p )


Here is a CMON link for anyone kind enough to vote (thought i should flesh out my gallery a bit)


happy painting


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Greg 05/22/2010 05:39

Voted: 10

Greg 05/22/2010 05:39

Awesome, this is pure win!