golden demon season begins

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so its that time of year when i need to start thinking about golden demon entries. So the aim this year is to attend gamesday spain, germany and uk this year and hopefully walk away with a demon in atleast one of them.


So up first is gamesday spain and my entry is a pirate ogre leadbelcher. I have to admit to falling in love with Jarhead's recent pirate ogre and to pay my respects, to such a wonderful piece of work, im doing a GW version. I plan to convert the gnoblar on his shouler into having a monkey or parrot costume. he will be standing on a pier and im thinking a tatoo of a treasure map?? anyway, here are some early wip pics of that!

WIP 0678

WIP 0680


i was thinking about an orange, purple. green colourscheme. anyway, ill get some pics up once ive done the sculpting on this guy.


Next up is the gamesday germany entry. i'm planning on doing a skaven mordheim warband and have got most of the pieces together. im just missing a few giant rats and i might possibly add a few more slaves. So here are the pieces ive got


WIP 0095

from left to right:

rat ogre, assassin adept, grey seer

slaves in the front.


Im going to try a green and red scheme on the rats. the skin will be a pale green and fade into deep brown or black reds.

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