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YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i finally manage to grab a demon :D :D


I cant stress what a great event it was. I massive thank you to everyone at the event but specifiaclly to Chris (Bestienmeister) and his partner, Ben and Matt and many many more. It was great to meet the spanish guys (Volomir and co) also. It was great to meet the massive voodoo guys also! congrats to Jar on his first demon :)


The level of painting was great and the drinking was very good haha.


A MASSIVE congratulations to Matt for his unbeliveable slayer sword piece!! it was very evocative and thought provoking whilst being a beautifully painted model!


finally i'd like to share this image with you because i still can't believe it happened


Other 0070



CMON link with better pictures:


As usual, happy painting guys and gals...only 6 weeks to gamesday uk! so watch this space :)

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daniel 08/15/2011 21:24

congratulations!! very nice mini

monkeyman7x/Apa 08/23/2011 21:12

thank you very much! :) its rare i get comments and what a nice one it is.