Figostock 2010

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ok :) well, i've spent the past 2 weeks in france so im sure you can understand why i've not been posting that much lately. But now i've got a treat for you!


So Figostock is basically a 2,5,7 or 9 day intensive painting workshop with some of the worlds best painters. Including:

Jeremie Bonamont Teboul


Thomas David

Alfonso Giraldes

Jose Manuel Palomares.


With a set of teachers like that im sure everyone could learn alot. I went over with a few mates from the Platoon Britannica; rawr, darkmessiah, his little brother and Alextheartist, Griff and chameleon came along later in the week. Squiggy also mae his own way there. The  group i went with did 7 days of painting. Most of us did 2 days with JAG on the first weekend, working on a bust he had scculpted for his own line of minis and then a 5 day course with JBT. Anyway, i'll just show you some quick pictures until i do a proper write up of the event.


here is the piece i did with some pointers from JBT -

Other 0173


here are some JBT did during the week

Other 0151

Other 0153






















here are a few from Jose

Other 0254

 Other 0251


I must say it was an absolutely amazing trip and i learnt an untold amount. A full write up will appear soon :)


also here is a small wip post-france :p

Other 0277

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