dusting off the brushes

Published on by monkeyman7x/Apa

well ive been my usual self and not updated in way too long and being my usual self ive not stuck to my original golden demon entries lol. The skaven are too large a project to get done in time and i lost interest in the ogre (im sure they will turn up somewhere though). But before i jump into any gamesday entries, heres a fun little project i did to familiarise myself with a brush again.




So, i hear you ask, "what is this guy actually going to paint"? a while a go, a friend of mine gave me a very rare "mini" for free on the basis that i paint it. so this is the model i'll be spending most of my time on. its in a very early stage in this picture, the paint was stripped off and i sketched a weapon on some paper to give you an idea of what i intend, the blade has been changed slightly so that its now stone. anyway, here is "Eternity Guardian - Kai'Gar"

 WIP 0176-copy-1


anyway, updates at some point, ive learnt my lesson so i wont promise anytime soon :p



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